To deliver over 1,000,000 awesome quality promotional products to grateful end users with flair, creativity and fun.

To inform clients of Canadian made and Eco alternatives to traditional Made in China products.

To make the world a better place through philanthropy and helping clients do the same.

Our (job/mission/quest) at Big Tree is to assist our clients to find the right products and the right price to deliver their message to their target market.






Jay Flesher has been a leading figure in the Promotional Products Industry, for over 30 years.  He is the founder of Festival Promotions, and now Big Tree Promotions.  His love for promotional products shows in the successful projects he’s completed throughout the years.

Jay’s travels have brought him to over 60 countries.  He’s lived with nomadic tribes, and his philanthropic work shows in his generosity.

Big Tree gives Jay the opportunity to build a great team of kind, intelligent people and provide solutions to his clients marketing needs.

Big Tree understands that promotional products are on the front lines of the marketing mix. Your logo, and your message get the attention of your target market at a low cost per view. 

"We begin by offering our clients free t-shirts that they can use in any way that makes people happy and feel appreciated. Anything from thanking staff to supporting charities to fundraisers qualifies as a reason to get free t-shirts."



Big Tree staff have travelled to over 65 countries doing little projects to make the world a better place.
We have also done some great things right here in Canada. We help and encourage our clients and friends to do the same.


Working with Jane Goodall in Bujumbura, Burundi
Helping build an orphanage in Rwanda
Funding a Buddhist temple in India
Helping nomadic tribes like the Penan in Borneo, the T'out B'atu on Palawan, Philippines and the Kung! in Botswana
Helping buy Burmese kids uniforms and an education in Thailand
Buying books for kids in Ecuador
Buying food for rainforest tribes in Ecuador.
Helping fund charities that my family and friends support such as MS, leukaemia, diabetes and more.
I am always available to discuss any of these adventures









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